1942 Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk


Our pride and joy is our refurbished P-40N-5, reconstructed from remnants of Curtis P40N-5, combat fighter (4)2105306, a sturdy Warhawk originally on active duty in the Pacific Theatre in WWII. Flown under the skilled guidance of Captain Ray Melikian, 7th Fighter Squadron, it ruined the whole day for at least three Japanese Zero pilots. Chris Prevost, our chief pilot, spent nine determined, creative and diligent years rebuilding this now mint condition rodeo ride for privileged Vintage customers, eager to re-live the glory days of our Army Air Force and Flying Tigers. Chris’s masterpiece is one of very few P-40s flying these days, with a full cockpit added for a passenger.

         This magnificent machine has a throaty, Allison V-1710-115, 1360 HP engine, enabling it to hurtle through the California sky at over 350 mph, performing perfect maneuvers memorialized in 1943 in frequent, successful pursuit of Japanese Zeros. Our favorite P-40 is registered with the FAA as N540TP. Its original serial number, (4)215306, appears on the vertical tail, as it decorates the California blue with the grace of its namesake hawk, evoking memories of brave men and historic challenges.

Flights available:

20 minutes – $949

40 minutes – $1799

60 minutes – $2699

North American P-51 Mustang


The P-51 “Mustang” is considered to be the most famous fighter of WWII.  There are only a handful of them that fly commercially, and our has a jumpseat for passenger flights.

Originally introduced in 1940, the P-51 saw many engine and design enhancements throughout its long lived fighting career.

Flights available:

30 minutes – $1699

60 minutes – $2950