Chris Prevost – Founder & Pilot

President and Founder of Vintage Aircraft Company and co-owner of Sonoma Valley Airport, Chris has been flying for over 35 years and has more than 10,000 hours of flight time. He holds a commercial pilot certificate, is instrument rated and is an A & P licensed mechanic. Chris discovered Sonoma Valley Airport and his love of classic aircraft at the age of 11. When only 17, Chris starred in Aerobatic demonstrations at Air Shows in his Bellanca Super Decathlon and his vintage Boeing Stearman, and soon began offering scenic and aerobatic rides in historic military training aircraft. Having flown over 75 different aircraft models during his 30-year flying history, Chris still finds the open-cockpit Stearman his most exhilarating flight experience.

Chris has built replica WWII aircraft for film work, private collections and museums, and has restored WWII B-25s and Beech 18s for the US Navy and the US Air Force Museum Project. Most recently he restored a WWII P-40 from a fuselage recovered in New Guinea. P-40 rides are now available at the North Bay Air Museum.

Chris is well known and widely respected in the world of vintage aircraft. He remains passionate about flying and his restoration of Golden Age aircraft from the 1920’s and 1930’s and the fighter aircraft of the Second World War.



Tom started flying at the age of 13, washing and fueling airplanes at the local airport in exchange for flight time. He never left.

Now a pilot for 39 years, Tom has a commercial pilot certificate and more than 2,500 hours of flight time, most in antique airplanes. “Hanging out at the airport,” which he admits he lives for, has given Tom opportunities to fly more than 60 makes and models of aircraft. He says each has a unique personality. Tom’s “day job” as a Principal Engineer for Bay Area Rapid Transit District keeps his engineering skills honed for his other passion—restoring antique aircraft. He has restored several, and showing them all over the U.S., has received several prestigious awards for his efforts.

Tom has been flying for Vintage Aircraft Company for many years and delights in the joy of sharing the vintage flight experience — evidenced by his broad smile every time a big Vintage Aircraft radial engine starts to rumble.



George is a Pilot’s Pilot. With almost 9,000 hours of flying,
next to Chris, George has the most avid relationship with WWII
aircraft and the history they represent. George’s aerial story began in
the early 1960’s when he passed by an airport one day and was intrigued by a For Sale sign on an airplane. He called the number and bought the plane right on the spot! George then realized he better learn to fly if he wanted to enjoy it.

George started flying lessons immediately at the Half Moon Bay Airport and became completely enamored with both flying and the military aircraft he saw parked on the field.

Today he flies P51’s, P40’s, P-38’s, Corsairs, Sky Raiders, Sea Furys, Spitfires, T33 jets, L39’s to name a few, and regularly flies air shows, corporate, movie and TV commercial work.

He buys and sells airplanes world-wide for the museum and splits his time between Sonoma, CA and La Ferte Alias, France.



Dan is a third-generation pilot whose father and grandfather flew for commercial airlines. He grew up around airplanes and remembers wanting to be a pilot by the time he was eight years old. His first flying job, over 20 years ago, was as a flight instructor for AeroSchellville. “Schellville was my style. We flew Stearmans and other tail draggers on gravel runways.”

Dan has an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with 8,500 hours of flight time, 4,000 of them in classic aircraft. He owns a North American P-51D Mustang and a North American SNJ-5. Though he flies Boeing 737’s for a major commercial airline, antique aircraft have always held a special attraction. “They represent an interesting era and are well made. In many ways, they’re more demanding to fly than the bigger jets where you spend many hours on autopilot. Antique aircraft are just fun to fly.”

Sheryl Carlucci

Museum Director

Sheryl believes deeply in the mission of the museum and works daily to ensure future generations will be able to experience the power and ingenuity of these majestic aircraft.  She manages the museums membership program, books flights, organizes events and engages with the local community.