The North Bay Air Museum

Where wings of the past still fly!

Our museum is dedicated to preserving WWII aircraft for generations to come. We strive to honor those who gave so much to our country and educate the public about aviation history.


What Sets Us Apart

Our beautifully restored aircraft allow us to share the WWII flight experience with anyone from 8 years of age to 102 (our oldest passenger)! If you area WWII Veteran, the flight is on us.  

Currently on loan to the museum, and available for flights, are a Curtiss P40 Warhawk and a North American P51 Mustang.

Another important goal is the younger generation, and to inspire an interest in American aviation history by showcasing and offering flights in these historical WWII planes.  Our fund-raiser, Pistons, PinUps and Pinot on the Runway, brings together a diverse group of people, who spend the day promoting their vintage “vehicle”, whether it be plane, train (literally) or automobile (muscle or military) while enjoying great wines and craft beer from around Sonoma County, and appreciating all the “stories” of the past.

NBAM is a 501c3 non-profit organization that does not receive any local, state or federal government funds.  Please consider joining our museum, as membership funds enable the Museum to further its mission.   Your generous donations help NBAM achieve its goal of allowing you not only a peek into the past, but an actual flight into history.

From the Director, to the Pilots, the Ground Crew, and Docents, all NBAM staff are uncompensated volunteers.


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