Our Pilots

    1. Tom started flying at the age of 13, washing and fueling airplanes at the local airport in exchange for flight time.  He never left. 

    2. Now a pilot for 39 years, Tom has a commercial pilot certificate and more than 2,500 hours of flight time, most in antique airplanes. “Hanging out at the airport,” which he admits he lives for, has given Tom opportunities to fly more than 60 makes and models of aircraft. He says each has a unique personality. Tom’s “day job” as a Principal Engineer for Bay Area Rapid Transit District keeps his engineering skills honed for his other passion—restoring antique aircraft. He has restored several, and showing them all over the U.S., has received several prestigious awards for his efforts.

    3. Tom has been flying for Vintage Aircraft Company for many years and delights in the joy of sharing the vintage flight experience — evidenced by his broad smile every time a big Vintage Aircraft radial engine starts to rumble.

Tom Morris

Sonoma, CA