Our Pilots

    1. George is a Pilot’s Pilot.  With almost 9,000 hours of flying,

    2. next to Chris, George has the most avid relationship with WWII

    3. aircraft and the history they represent.  George’s aerial story began in

    4. the early 1960’s when he was just old enough to drive.  Passing by an airport one day, he was intrigued by a For Sale sign on an airplane, and called the number and bought the plane right on the spot.  George then realized he better learn to fly if he wanted to enjoy it.

    5. George started flying lessons immediately at the Half Moon Bay Airport and became completely enamored with both flying and the military aircraft he saw parked on the field.  Quickly realizing how expensive both of these passions were going to be, George began to buy and sell military aircraft to support his new habit. A few years later, George moved both his prized acquisition, a P51Mustang, and his business to Sonoma and named the business Sonoma Valley Aircraft Sales.  In 1990 he sold a Sea Fury to a museum in France and was asked to deliver the airplane.  The museum’s owner was so impressed by George’s knowledge and flying skills, especially with WWII aircraft, that he recruited George into their operation. 

    6. Today George holds an Airframe and Powerplant certificate (A&P), an All Types LOA (Letter of Authorization) and is Commercial and Instrument rated, as well as Helicopter/Rotocraft rated.  He flies P51’s, P40’s, P-38’s, Corsairs, Sky Raiders, Sea Furys, Spitfires, T33 jets, L39’s to name a few, and regularly flies air shows, corporate, movie and TV commercial work. 

    7. He buys and sells airplanes world-wide for the museum and splits his time between Sonoma, CA and La Ferte Alias, France.

George Perez

Sonoma, CA & La Ferte Alias, France

Pilot, Aircraft Technician (A&P)